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Asian Bowl


Mushrooms, Broccoli, Onions, Baby Corn, Choice of Protein, Asian Sesame and Mandarin Orange served on Choice of Grain

Please choose your grain:Quinoa and Brown Rice +$0.00White Rice +$0.00Saffron Rice +$0.00
Please choose your protein:Chicken +$0.00Shrimp +$0.00Lamb +$0.00Smoked Sausage +$0.00Ground Beef +$0.00Steak (rare) +$0.00Steak (medium rare) +$0.00Steak (medium) +$0.00Steak (medium well) +$0.00Steak (well done +$0.00
Would you like any additional protein?:Extra Chicken +$2Extra Shrimp +$2Extra Lamb +$2Extra Smoked Sausage +$2Extra Ground Beef +$2Extra Steak (rare) +$2Extra Steak (medium rare) +$2Extra Steak (medium) +$2Extra Steak (medium well) +$2Extra Steak (well done) +$2
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