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Cafe' 59

Hot & Hearty


Choice Meat, Grits or Potatoes, 2 Eggs your way, Choice of White or Wheat Toast

Which type of meat would you like?:Bacon +$0.00Sausage +$0.00Turkey Bacon +$0.00Smoked Sausage +$0.00Grilled Chicken +$0.00
What would you like it served with?:Green Beans +$0.00Veggie Medley +$0.00
How would you like your eggs cooked?:Over Easy +$0.00Over Medium +$0.00Over Hard +$0.00Sunny Side Up +$0.00Scrambled +$0.00
Which type of toast would you like?:White Toast +$0.00Wheat Toast +$0.00
Would you like extra meat?:Extra Bacon +$4Extra Sausage +$4Extra Turkey Bacon +$4Extra Smoked Sausage +$4Extra Grilled Chicken +$4
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